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Welcome to the Blog section of the website. I will be writing about a few different issues that people use Counselling for and that I have extensive experience of working with. I hope to cover some of the main features of each issue, any helpful resources and interesting pointers. I am happy to discuss any of these further or if you would like to book a session to explore any of these issues further through Counselling please feel free to get in touch.

Some of the issues I hope to cover in due course include Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Panic Attacks, Addiction, Relationship issues, Family difficulties, Work related issues, Personal Development, Identity, Bereavement, Loss, Grief, Self-harm, Low self-esteem, Confidence and Insecurity. Feedback and suggestions welcome.

Depression can be a hugely disabling issue. Millions of people suffer from it in varying degrees and anti-depressant prescriptions have doubled in just a decade. One of the most accurate and powerful videos that I have seen that gives an insight into Depression, is the "black dog" video which you can see below: There is a […]
Along with Depression, Anxiety has been one of the most prominent and increasing conditions that I have dealt with over the last few years as a Counsellor. There are many suggestions as to why this may be the case; some say it is a result of modern life, others because of the lessening stigma of mental […]
Loss / Bereavement / Grief
I think it's fair to say that we have all had some experience of loss or bereavement, whether that be a relationship, pet, friendship, death of a relative or friend or one of the many other types of loss we experience multiple times through our life. The experience can vary for each individual and is […]

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